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Poster image for the stage production of Bitch 
Bares All. It dipicts the actress tugging on a doorknob while looking up in distress. The vibe is Stylized 1950's housewife


Written and performed by Lisa Vitrano, this autobiographical original play weaves narrative and poetic elements together to tell the story of a courageous and compelling journey through teen pregnancy, motherhood and self-discovery.

“Write what you know” is usually the first bit of advice given to any aspiring writer and over the course of sixteen years the play took shape. What began as a fifteen-minute monologue transformed, through countless re-writes and on-stage iterations, into an hour-long performance piece with one actor playing approximately 16 characters.

Professionally produced in 2011 by Road Less Traveled Productions, BITCH BARES ALL, under the direction of Kristen Tripp Kelley became a multi-media marvel, utilizing projected images and an original score composed, performed, and recorded by Al Kryszak, and received three Artie Award nominations for Actress in a Play, Set Design, and Lighting Design. 

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All Videos

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